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Material management is a key component to project success. We offer the following services and solutions to ensure predictability and accountability.


We all have our sweet spots. For some it’s experience; for others it’s ingenuity. For Jones and SPOT, it’s both. Introducing Jones Power. Birthed from a decades-long tradition of reliability and state-of-the-art tracing technology, Jones Pipeline Services and SPOT partner to provide a one-of-a-kind, end-to-end service that will organize, streamline, and consolidate your logistical operations and data. Designed specifically to serve renewable energy projects, our unique and customized features allow you to harness both the expertise and the versatility of our company’s know-how to craft a more productive and efficient material management strategy. To ensure fully integrated logistics and tracking, our site management solution is composed of nine foundational areas of oversight, which we will be unpacking for you here over the coming weeks. Together, we are moving energy forward.

Turnkey Logistics


Port & Rail Transloading

Site Preparation

Laydown Area Management


Work Area Deliverability

Materials Management

Tracking and Traceability


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