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Jones Power supports your solar farm project as a Civil & Environmental Construction Contractor. More importantly, we’re a dependable turnkey partner for commercial scale projects from construction to environmental controls. We make every job easier – including yours.


Everything you need to move renewable energy forward.

We provide one-of-a-kind, end-to-end construction services to streamline and support your renewable energy projects. We have over 250MW of solar farm experience, backed by 70 years of trusted service. You can rely on Jones to deliver the crew, equipment and commitment to keep your solar project on time and on budget.

Civil Construction

Solar Farm Clearing/Excavating

Jones Power has the experience to deliver quality utility-scale solar farm construction and site preparation. We have completed over 60 sites across 20 states, totaling thousands of acres. Our team draws on decades of experience, utilizing the latest equipment and technology to provide turnkey renewable energy construction services. We routinely cut and seal sites and provide many of the other services required for a sound, dependable solar field infrastructure.

Our team is highly skilled in constructing all types of access roads, material storage areas, and equipment pads for solar projects, either temporary or permanent. We always apply the highest standards to our projects and follow guidelines that ensure road safety and longevity. We understand that the quality of work and the equipment used to build a road contribute greatly to its durability and life. At Jones Power, we maintain our own fleet of equipment and bring decades of experience to every solar field access road.

The need for solar field security and asset protection is more important than ever. Substantial initial investment is required to build a solar farm, so ensuring that the highly valuable solar panels and electrical equipment are not stolen or damaged is critical to the project.  Jones Power is a dependable partner, able to meet the fencing specs and requirements of your project.

Environmental Controls & Landscaping

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Stormwater runoff from solar farm construction sites is government regulated and requires permits and plans to ensure you are in compliance with Multi-Sector Stormwater General Permit (MSGP) and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) guidelines. Jones Power understands the importance of protecting our environment and we provide turnkey Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) services and construction.

We have extensive experience carrying out the environmental infrastructure requirements and plans for solar farms. This can include groundworks, wetland elements, grass seeding, bird and bat boxes, hedging and screening, and more. We will ensure that all soil remediation and stabilization measures are in place, and at the same time, follow through with local regulatory agencies to ensure all compliance standards are met.

Proper maintenance in the solar field can help maximize uptime and extend the life of the plant. Once all erosion and sediment controls are installed, Jones Power can keep an experienced team of field-service personnel onsite to ensure all measures are intact and within compliance.



As a leader in the logistics space, our team has the capacity to serve multiple sectors of the energy market nationwide. Every solar project and each customer has different needs. We provide logistics solutions that are tailored to your project, whether door-to-door customs clearances, last-mile overland freight, or only international sea freight. We have proven expertise in everything from transloading to shipping to staging, all with turnkey service.

Our team specializes in handling and organizing all inbound and outbound logistics on renewable energy projects. From outdoor material storage yards to indoor warehousing, we are equipped to manage all of your storage needs.

Working with our sister company SPOT, we offer state-of-the-art tracing and data management technology. This provides comprehensive end-to-end inventory management services for your solar construction project. SPOT is a full suite of inventory management solutions that include organizing, streamlining and consolidating all of your operational materials and data.



Pile Installation

The solar industry is surging and quality equipment is needed to keep up with the quick pace of solar field installations. Jones Power maintains its own fleet of construction equipment, including pile drivers. Our team works closely with survey and engineering to ensure all tolerances are maintained. Depending on project needs, we have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of pile installation methods.

Following all manufacturer guidelines, we work to ensure all installation standards are met. Whether tracking or fixed, all modules are fastened to specifications.

Jones Power supports you at a mega-scale with a personal attention to detail.

Experience & Customers

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Assets & Equipment

The rewards of ownership.

One of the benefits of owning our own equipment is you’re able to spend less time waiting for rentals and operators to become available and we spend more time making sure your project is finished on budget and on schedule.

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