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There’s value in every service we perform.

With decades of experience in pipeline and energy infrastructure services, we bring true value to your pipeline construction project. At Jones Power, our team has many talents, one of which is working with you to find optimum solutions.


Our infrastructure services keep your pipeline construction project on time, on budget, and running smoothly.

Jones Power provides turnkey pipeline infrastructure services with a proven record of successfully executed projects across various terrains and in challenging environments. We are a one-stop shop for rail logistics, transport, storage and staging, pipe traceability, and pipe stringing – all wrapped up with a guarantee of the highest quality work.

Project Planning


We pride ourselves on our knowledge base that encompasses over 30 years in the trucking and pipe handling business. Our team is willing to discuss your project needs, whether it be during the preliminary and conceptual phase or procurement stage of the project. Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective plan and timely solution for your project.

From pipe shipment to ROW construction, Jones Power can provide a full project logistics schedule, outlaying all critical path items listing from start through completion, ensuring your project remains on schedule. Our team focuses on providing the services needed to either keep your project within the anticipated timeline or assist with additional measures to recover timelines based on factors such as weather or shipment delays.

We are equipped to provide a full range of services, whether it is the most minimal of scopes, such as offloading a few miles of pipe or building a storage yard, to full turnkey solutions, inclusive of all pipe handling services from conception to completion.

Rail Logistics

Rail Siding Selection

Jones Power will locate and propose the nearest and most cost-effective siding based on the class one or short-line railroad being utilized for your pipe shipments. We keep a database of tried and true locations and have a long-standing working relationship with most railroads within the US.

Once selected, Jones Power will lease and control all utilization fees associated with the rail siding. Our rail management team accounts for all potential rail siding or spur costs and leaves you never having to worry about any hidden fees such as demurrage or switch fees.

Pipe Storage and Staging

Yard Selection

With over 20 yards established in Texas alone, the Jones Power land management team will locate and provide the most suitable location within relative proximity for both rail service needs and, more importantly, ROW construction. The general flow of public traffic is also important and taken into consideration when selecting locations. We are well aware of the heightened traffic times during racking and/or construction activities and does its best to minimize any disruptions in the public traffic flow during these times.

In working with landowners, Jones Power provides a win-win solution for both customer and landowner. All landowners’ requirements are taken into consideration when leasing and constructing a storage yard. We ensure required permitting is attained and erosion and sedimentation controls are installed prior to any work being performed. Based on project size and scope, our team will procure and construct the roadways, pipe racks, material storage areas, parking and/or provision of trailers as necessary to suit your project’s needs.

Jones Power takes great pride in the quality of work performed. We ensure all safety measures are in place during offloading and racking activities. With spotters in place at all times, we ensure all personnel involved are out of the line of fire during any pipe movement. Our team meets and exceeds the customer’s specifications and requirements and provides an above market standard for pipe racking.

Upon customer’s project completion, our team will restore the properties utilized to meet or exceed the requirements of the landowner. This makes certain a seamless project closeout.

Pipe Stringing


Similar to offloading and racking, Jones Power utilizes its pool of experienced operators and spotters in providing a safe and efficient solution. We manage upkeep of the yard being utilized for construction and guarantees a streamlined production to the ROW when paired with our trucking solutions.

The foundation of Jones Power was providing transportation services to the ROW. We utilize its owned tractors and steerable pole trailers and its experienced pool of drivers to ensure all production needs are met. In addition, Jones Power keeps an in-house maintenance team that further compounds the assurance that your project will be performed on time, all the time.


Get all the information you need about the status of your project when you need it. Using SPOT, we streamline your dataset updating your assets according to your project specs. All in real time.


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Assets & Equipment

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One of the benefits of owning our own equipment is you’re able to spend less time waiting for rentals and operators to become available and we spend more time making sure your project is finished on budget and on schedule.

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