Shin Oak Project Case Study - Jones Power

Doubling down on volume.

Shin Oak Project is a 571-mile 24” OD natural gas liquids (NGL) pipeline with the ability to provide over 600,000 barrels per day takeaway capacity from multiple basins, including the Permian, to Mont Belvieu, Texas.

Jones Power was charged with leading logistics efforts from day one, providing strategic and efficient solutions for everything from yard selection to rail logistics management and pipe stringing. With its comprehensive set of capabilities, Jones Power saw every step of the project through to its completion.

With the help of the Jones Power team, the Shin Oak Project has doubled the total NGL volume by connecting incremental NGLs from the multiple basins to the large petrochemical and refining markets along the Gulf Coast.



West Texas to East Texas



Pipeline Length

571 miles

Pipeline Material

24-in. OD steel pipe

Pipe Loads


Jones Power Scope of Work:

Yard Selection, Procurement, Management and Reclamation

Rail Siding Selection

Rail Logistics Management

Pipe Offloading, Racking and Load Out

Pipe Stringing